Forrest Wasko is an artist living in Minneapolis, Minnesota. His work investigates the different vernaculars present in photography; specifically within observational photography, snapshots, and found images. Wasko also works with a vast variety of formats and photographic processes to create photo-objects, photo series, and photobooks.

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Artwork(s) available for purchase:

︎Scenes Sincere (Volume 1) 

Scenes Sincere (Volume I) is a photographic survey of sincerity, empathy, familiarity, vernaculars, and anomalies. An honest view, quite literally, through the lens. Wasko captures the essence of a longing, through a once traveled lanscape or familiar face. Pages are arranged in a unique format that excite and keep the viewer guessing what comes next.

The book itself is a black-and-white zine that features a unique construction combining typical pages with smaller individual Polaroid pages engaging the viewer’s interaction with the photographs as objects.
Black-and-white with risograph cover
100 pages
8 inches by 10 inches
Edition of 100

      Exclusive colorized print(s):

coming soon

︎A Little While Longer

A Little While Longer is Wasko’s second self-published photobook. In the same vein as his previous series, Scenes Sincere (Vol. 1), this book features a romantic, empathetic view of what is considered familiar. This time with a high emphasis on coloration this photobook features dense full page spreads that immerse the viewer. By contrasting moments of the ordinary and extraordinary, his series flows like the tide, blending the two hierarchies seamlessly through a luscious palette.

52 pages printed in color
5.25 inches x 8.25 inches
Edition of 50

        Exclusive print(s):

The final production stages of A Little While Longer, Forrest Wasko’s recent 2020 photographic publication, came to an unforseeable halt due to COVID-19. The pages lay proofed and printed yet unbound.

As Forrest finds a safe way to finish his final steps we are offering a pre-order of the artist book as well as 3 exclusive prints for sale from the book.

coming soon
Monday Nov 5 2018